Packman Disposable Berry Payton (Hybrid)


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Welcome to a whole new level of relaxation! Packman Barry Payton is an undeniably delicious hybrid marijuana strain created by Cookies cultivar and celebrated NBA Hall of Famer. Experience the potent flavors & colors of this remarkable blend, with its high THC & low CBD content and slight similarities to boring ultra carts. Enjoy the even-keeled effects that make you feel relaxed, yet energized & ready for anything!


Apricot, pepper, lavender

Reported Effects:

Relaxed, talkative, giggly





Net weight:



Caryophellene, Limonene, Pinene


Packman Disposable Berry Payton.

Ready to elevate your marijuana experience? Packman Disposable Berry Payton is the perfect hybrid strain for you. Bred by Cookies and a combination with the Gary Payton strain named after NBA Hall of Famer, this potent strain features an impressive combination of Y and Snowman genetics together boring carts. High levels of THC, combined with almost no CBD, provide a balanced high that will give you just the right amount of relaxation and euphoria. Get ready to enjoy Packman Barry Payton’s flavorful and colorful high today!


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