Packman Disposable Blue AirHeadz(Hybrid)


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Packman Disposable BlueAirHeadz

Add a sweet and fruity kick to your smoking experience with Packman disposable blue airheadz! Packed with delightful Airheadz strains and a slightly indica-dominant hybrid, our disposables provide you with an uplifted and soothing effect that makes every session even more enjoyable. Enjoy the by favorites sweet and sugary berry flavor without the harshness of combustion – try Packman disposable blue airheadz today!


Berry, fruity, sugary, sour

Reported effects:

Creative, uplifting, relaxing


Hybrid(liquid diamond, live resin)



Net weight:



Caryophyllene, Limonene


Packman Disposable BlueAirHeadz

Packman Disposable Blue AirHeadz gives a sweet and uplifting experience. This slightly indica dominant hybrid strain, Airheadz, is a fan favorite thanks to its delicious flavor and soothing effects. Enjoy the sweet and sugary fruity berry flavor with a lightly sour exhale on each hit, just like its namesake candy. With Packman disposable blue airheadz, you can experience the same effects as the byfavorites version without the hassle of loading or cleaning. Take your pick and enjoy

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