Packman Disposable Lemon Head(Sativa)


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Packman Disposable Lemon Head

Get ready for your next session with Packman Disposable! Enjoy the bright, refreshing lemon flavor of Lemonhead OG by Royal Choice Farms and jeeter juice carts and feel the clean, zesty terpenes take you on a journey of uplifting euphoria! As you experience complete relaxation, along with smiles and laughter, let Packman Disposable help you stay peppy yet calm. Get your pack today and enjoy the ride!


Citrus, lemon, mint

Related effects:

Happy, euphoric, talkative


Sativa(liquid diamond X live resin)



Net weight:



Myrcene, limonene, caryophyllene


Packman Disposable Lemon Head(Sativa)

Packman disposable Lemon head is the perfect way to get your daily dose of energizing bliss! Boasting a zesty lemon flavor and refreshing mint/eucalyptus aroma, this OG Kush strain will boost your mood and provide a warm, fuzzy feeling without being too overstimulating. With its fast-acting effects and long-lasting effects, lemon head is perfect for those looking to enjoy life’s little pleasures. Users and fans of different vape carts brands like jeeter juice love this strain too. Get the best of both worlds with the combination of liquid diamond and live resin : feel happier, more relaxed and in control with this packman disposable carts.

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