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Kryptonite may be hazardous for Superman, but for humans, it is a 100% legal energy pill that will turn you into a steely hero of the dance-floor (or whatever playground you choose for rhythmic moves) for 4-7 hours. The unique composition of plant extracts and vitamins induces an “E”-like high, so don’t underestimate these pills and take no more than 1 per day. Content: 6 capsules.



Kryptonite consist of, Kryptonite proprietary blend; 423 mg of plant extracts: Piper nigrum L., Piper longum L., Citrus aurantium, griffonia seed, grapefruit seed , natural caffein
Kryptonite unique blend: Ololiuqui 180 mg
Vitamine B3 (Niacine): 36 mg
L-tyrosine: 20 mg
L-phenylalanine: 20 mg
Vitamine B6 (Pyridoxal-5-phosphate): 10 mg
Vitamine B5: 6 mg
Vitamine B2: 1.6 mg
Vitamine B1: 1.4 mg
Vitamine B12: 3 µg


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