Polka dot shroom chocolate bars 4G

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Polkadot shroom chocolate bars 4G

What Are Polkadot Mushroom chocolate bars?

Polkadot Shroom Chocolate Bars is a chocolate edible infused with 4 grams of magic mushroom. The leucism in these shrooms makes them a mutation of the Psilocybe Cubensis A strain. Their stem and cap coloration is often a whitish-grey hue, as they typically have no pigmentation at all. Because they are an albino strain of Psilocybe Cubensis, they are slightly more potent.

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How Much Polkadot shrooms  Chocolate Bar Should I Eat?

Everyone reacts differently to psilocybin mushrooms and the dosages below are just a general guide. There are magic mushroom dosage calculators online that can help calculate an individual’s accurate dosage based on their body weight and the type of shroom.



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