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Restore balance with Super Sleep from Zamnesia. Featuring an exclusive blend of golden-grade CBD, melatonin and liposomes, Super Sleep is fast-acting and easily absorbed. And, thanks to all-natural ingredients, you can take Super Sleep without worrying about unwanted side effects


Restore balance in a world that never sleeps with Super Sleep, a versatile supplement from Chemheadshop. Prepared using the highest-quality ingredients, we carefully combined CBD, melatonin and liposomes to give you fast-acting support when you need it most. And, with every batch of golden-grade CBD independently tested, you can rest easy knowing Super Sleep won’t induce unwanted side effects.

The Super Sleep liposomal formula allows high concentrations of CBD, and small quantities of melatonin to reach their target area undisturbed—for support when you need it most. Active ingredients are protected by liposomes, tiny bubbles which act as a shield to help improve absorption.

Super Sleep also contains a small percentage of alcohol which makes it unsuitable for children and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Super Sleep is an oral supplement that comes in a liposomal liquid in a convenient dropper bottle. The dropper makes Super Sleep straightforward to use and allows the consumer to dose it precisely according to their needs.


CBD Content      75mg
CBD per 10ml    25mg
THC Content      None
Brand                 Chemheadshop
Carrier                Liposomes
Source               European industrial (organic) hemp



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